Saturday, August 22, 2009

Clothing of Akha II

U Lo-Akha Style: The woman's headdress has two main parts. The base is a wide head band decorated with silver coins, silver buttons, and beads. Above it perches a high conical-shaped framework of bamboo covered with indigo cloth. This is embellished with silver ornaments and chains, coins, beads, red-dyed feather tassels, gibbon fur, seeds, pompons, and unique items that might catch a woman's fancy, such as small, round mirrors. The amounts and types of ornamentation vary according to marital and economic status, age and how recently the
woman has had a baby.
Embroidery consists mostly of a simple running stitch a satin stitch in bright colors. Strips of colored cloth, seeds, silver buttons and coins are also used. Men's jackets reach to just below the waist, and have embroidery on the back, and a few lines along the base in front.

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