Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Clothing of Hmong-2

Needlework for babies and children

Hmong mothers devote their finest skills in making carrying-cloths and caps for their babies. A carrying-cloth resembles a bibbed apron. It is made of two rectangular pieces of cloth, the smaller at the top, joined together at the borders. Long red straps attached to the top corners are used to tie the baby on the back. The Blue Hmong use batik material for the larger rectangle, accented with strips, squares, and triangles of bright red appliqued pieces. The smaller top rectangle may be ornamented with a combination of cross-stitch embroidery, applique, and tiny shocking pink pompons. The White Hmong do not use batiking, but ornament their baby-carriers with a variety of embroidery stitching, applique, and reverse applique-the process of cutting a pattern into a cloth and stitching it onto another.

Many styles of caps are made for the babies, most of them very elaborate. All are ornamented with typical needlework of the respective branch of the tribe and many pink, red, or magenta pompons. Children's clothing is mainly a miniature version of adult garb. For festive wear-especially ornament the clothing of even the smallest with their best needlework.

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