Friday, August 28, 2009

Men's clothing of Hmonk

Men's clothing: Hmong men wear loose-fitting black pants folded across the waist, tucked in at the top, and often secured with a leather belt. Blue Hmong pants are extremely full, having narrow openings for the ankles with the very wide crotch falling mid-way between calves and ankles. White Hmong pants are less full, having a higher crotch.
Jackets are also made of black cloth-usually cotton, but sometimes velvet or satin. Both blue and white Hmong wezar short jackets leaving a bare midriff. Hmong in the Chiang Mai area commonly wear extremely short jackets. The collarless jacket buttons at the neck, crosses over the chest, and fastens on the left side with silver buttons. The piece across the chest is ornamented with the needlework customary for that branch of the tribe.
Many White Hmong men wear4 a longer jacket with a Chinese-style high collar, which, together with the cuffs and the front opening, are embroidered. Some Blue Hmong men now wear a similar jacket in cold season.
Men wear wide sashes up to six meters long. Some are folded on the bias so as to form pointed ends. The sash is carefully wrapped so that the heavily embroidered ends fall evenly together in front giving the appearance of an apron. White Hmong, and some Blue, wear red sashes which are squared-off at the ends and adorned with Mien-style embroidery.
Traditionally the men shaved their heads, except for the crown, where the hair was left long and sometimes braided into a queue. Blue Hmong in all areas and some White Hmong in Chiang Mai Province wear Chinese-style black satin skullcaps with a big fluffy magenta pompon on top.

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