Saturday, August 22, 2009

Phami-Akha Style

Phami-Akha Style: The woman's headdress is shaped somewhat like a helmet, and is totally encrusted with silver buttons, coins, and beads. Numerous strings of mostly red beads are attached to the sides of the headdress falling nearly to the waist.

The jacket has numerous overlapping strips of indigo-blue cloth edged with white, stitched in tiers down the back. Each strip is embroidered with delicate patterns. The sleeves are also embroidered, as are the sash, leggings and shoulder bag. The man's jacket is long, and is covered with plain overlapping strips of indigo-dyed cloth edged with white. It may fasten either in the front or down the left side. Often a row of silver coins or a silver chain with bells is stitched down the opening of the jacket.

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