Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Physical Description of LAWA

The typical Lawa is rather dark-complexioned(dark brown), with sharp facial features that do not show Mongoloid traits. They are on the whole a fine-looking race, and somewhat larger in stature than most other hilltribes (the average man is about 5' 7"). Many contrasts in physical types will be seen in any Lawa establishment. These less typical characteristics have resulted form mixing of their blood with of the Thai, and more uncommonly, the Karens. Many Lawa have the wavy hair and thicker lips that is acommon trait among the Wa. There us a tendency among the men, to have heavier beards and hair limbs. The men are generally lean and wiry in build, and the women are quite buxom. The dress of the more assimilated Lawa is identical with that of the Lao-Thai people around them, and only a few of them use their tribal dress today.

The unassimilated Lawa women dress in coarse homes puns of plain cotton materials, and use very little decorations or jewelry. The women wear blur or dirty-white blouses, which reach below the waist and have closed fronts and short sleeves. There may be few embroidered designs on he sleeves and hems, and a few beads might be worn around the neck. The skirts are wrapped around and reach just below the knees, with designs running in horizontal strips. Leggings are usually worn by the women who live in the more remote villages. Generally, the married women wear the blue tunics, and the unmarried girls a white color, but this is not a fast rule with all the Lawa. Their hair is pulled back, and made into a bun at the back. They never wear turbans, and have very few silver rings and bracelets. The men are rarely seen in their original homespuns. Today, Lawa men wear clothes like that of Thai, so that it is difficult to distinguish them from the Thai farmer.

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